Organization Summary

The Hope Pregnancy Care Center witnesses to the sacred value of all life and responds accordingly to the woman seeking answers. She may experience confusion, fear and relentless pressure to abort. When those who care for, understand and support her in every way surround a woman, it can make all the difference. The Hope Center is committed to reach out to any woman, whether she is married or single, regardless of her age, race, religion or circumstance. Realizing that fathers play an invaluable role in the life of their children, Hope Pregnancy Care Center also endeavors to help fathers understand their value to the family unit.

Mission Statement

The Hope Pregnancy Care Center offers personal assistance, Biblical alternatives, and spiritual guidance to promote the sanctity of life thus empowering individuals to make positive choices to the glory of God.

History of Pregnancy Resource Centers

On January 23, 1973, our Supreme Court made the now infamous Roe vs. Wade decision that legalized abortion in the United States of America. Individuals and faith-based organizations realized that women needed a safe place they could go to get accurate information about their pregnancies. With this idea in mind, crisis pregnancy centers were established.

Now, pregnancy resource centers nationwide number in the thousands. Their common goal is to help women in a crisis pregnancy through problems that may lead them to consider abortion. Across the nation, these centers are seeing as many as 8 of 10 clients choose to carry their babies to term.

Our Center was founded in 1997 as a place where young women could receive the support they needed in order to choose life for their unborn child. Individuals and churches in our community were concerned with the high teenage pregnancy rate in our country. With the expressed goal to offer the support these young women needed Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center was founded. In 2003 we broadened our goal to include not only those involved in a crisis pregnancy but anyone who needed support during their pregnancy. Thus our name was changed to Hope Pregnancy Care Center. As we enter our twelfth year of operation we want to continue to meet the needs of the young families of our community. In 2007 we implemented a program for young fathers in order to help them understand how valuable their role is in the life of their child.

Goals of the Center

1. Prevent pregnancies that lead to abortions by launching an abstinence education program for older children and young adults from middle school through high school.

2. Market our services to abortion vulnerable clients by creating a marketing plan and implementing it.

3. Enhance client service coverage by increasing the number of volunteer staff and hours open.

4. To implement educational programs for both mothers and fathers to help them to become responsible parents.

5. To offer a post-abortion support group for those who need healing from previous abortions.